Bruni is a name, a brand and a company that has been operating on the global blank firearms market for fifty years.

Founded in the 1960s by Mrs Bruna Bruni, who was born in 1920, the company started out selling fireworks and toy guns.
It was a huge success, so Mrs Bruni expanded and became an independent manufacturer of blank firearms and rocket launchers, making her début in 1981 at the Nuremberg International Weapons Exhibition with her first BBM brand item, the OLYMPIC 380.
This was the very same year when Bruna Bruni was killed in a traffic accident on the road to Germany.
It was supposed to be her biggest day.
Her husband, Vittorio Frigerio, and their two children, Paolo Frigerio and Giovanna Frigerio, carried on Mrs Bruni’s company, increasingly establishing its position and consolidating the brand.
When her son, Eng. Paolo Frigerio, left the company and then with the death of her husband, Vittorio Frigerio, the company was represented and run with remarkable success by Mrs Giovanna Frigerio.
Mrs Giovanna Frigerio has been helped since 2018 by her only son, Alessandro Bollini Frigerio, who was born in 1998.

Now in 2021, BBM is a well-known brand all around the world and exports to about thirty-five countries, promoting the Made in Italy label.
The OLYMPIC 380 is still one of the best-selling items today.

Bruna would be proud.