Offices and Factories

Via Como 50/52
20030 Palazzolo Milanese (MI)
tel 02/918.16.06
fax 02/918.54.81

Information pursuant to Italian Law No 88 of 2009

Company headquarters: via Carducci, 8 20123 Milano
Tax Code and VAT No 02300220155
Share capital: euro 10400,00 i.v.
Listed on the Milan R.E.A.: 907957
Listed on the Milan Business Register: MI146-175275
The company is not in liquidation.
It is a single-member company.

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Where to buy

You can buy our products in armories or on online platforms.


For replacement parts, repairs, or returns, contact the armory or platform where you purchased.
The warranty on our products is valid for two years from purchase.


Are front firing blank guns freely available for sale?

No, a firearms license is required.
In any case, the sale of these products is intended only for foreign countries.

What is the difference between caliber 8, caliber 9 and 380?

The cal.8 and cal.9 are ammunition for semi-automatic and automatic pistols and have two different diameters and powers.
The cal.380 is the ammunition of revolvers.

What should I do if my gun breaks or I need spare parts?

In the event of breakages or the need to find spare parts, we recommend that you contact the nearest armory that deals with our products.
All our products are covered by a two-year guarantee starting from the purchase, upon presentation of the receipt at the armory that will provide assistance.

Do we sell retail?

No, we are the Bruni blanks factory, we only sell to our distributors, who will supply the armories.

Why does my gun jam?

Each of our products is tested and configured with at least 3 different brands of blank ammunition.

Since not all ammunition lots are constant and equal in powder charge, the gun may not have sufficient force to achieve blow-back or the slide will go into safety if the round is of excessive pressure.

We recommend trying different brands for your blank gun and evaluating the best one for the correct functioning of the product.

How do I take care of my blank gun?

We recommend keeping the blank gun in a heated, non-humid environment, using it often and cleaning the cartridge chamber after each shooting session using the brush supplied.

In the case of revolvers, cleaning the chamber is not essential.

Will you be presenting new articles?

We are always looking for new items and new finishes, stay updated on our social channels.